[Help] Test Valence MK1 by IdriveaTARDIS

I’ve been working on this new watchface but due to the limitations of facer watch emulation and my Moto 360’s bugginess, I am unable to tell if the phone battery level (upper-left triforce) and step counter work. If someone could put it on their watch and give feedback on whether it works or not that would be great. Also if anyone knows why my moto 360 won’t log steps or sync with my phone tips would be appreciated.


Some weird effects show up on my Sony SWR50, but they might be connected with a common bug in the current Beta app.
I’ve commented on that face with a photo.

Also, I don’t see the step counter in that face’s tags…

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In order to keep the bugs specific to my watch hidden, I added a conditional to the step count so that it will not show step count on Moto 360 gen. 1s, but step count should show up on every other device. The step count is only on the dim screen by the way, due to a lack of space on the active screen. Is the battery indicator in the top right correctly tied to phone batt? Each lit triangle indicates 25% battery.

Update: Steps weren’t counting because I forgot to set up moto body on my new phone, silly me. I’ve removed the aforementioned conditional appropriately.

I had my phone plugged in for charging and it had about 100% of its battery at the moment, compare that with the photo I’ve sent you.