Help to create a once a month rotation on a specific day

Hi All

Looking for some help in creating a formula to display the signs of the zodiac on a rotational disk. the only one available seems to be #DMYR# but I take it this works on a first of the moth basis, whereas the disk would need to rotate once a month on the 20th day…

thanks in advance

First of all, I’m pretty sure you used a wrong category for your post.
I would recommend “watchface design help”.
Could you change that?

So you would want to have 1 rotation on the 20th day of each month?
That’s doable, but I need to make sure:
Should that rotation be going full 360 degrees over the spawn of the 24 hours of that day?
If not can you give some more details?

thanks for the quick response

what I have is a disk divided into 12 panels each depicting the signs of the zodiac around the outer edge, so the disk would need to rotate 30 degrees once a month on the 20th in accordance with the zodiac calendar…hope that makes sense…

here’s a link to my profile, its “Zodiac Brass” that I’m trying to amend

So this face?

Do you want that rotation (by 30 degs) to be smooth, or can it just jump to the next location?

That’s the one…preferably in one jump


How is this?

updating it now…its ticked over to Sagittarius which is what it should be!

i’ll have to wait until the 20th to find out if its worked, i’ll have to take your word for it, but i’m sure its going to work :slight_smile:

thanks for your help with this, much appreciated

You do know that in the editor you can manually change the date, right?

Got it, it works perfectly…

again thanks for your help with this