Help to make dials spin for...?

This is the first analogue watch i ever owned and im tryin gto make a repilca but cant find out how to make dials spin for date. month, day of the week. is there a way???

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I have the following on one of mine:
Day Number: ((#Dd#-1)*11.61290322580) or to expand: (((#Dd#-1)/31)*360)
You may not need the -1, you may need a leading - depending which way round the numbers go and which one is considered first.
Day Name: (-(#DOW#/7)*360)
Month would be something like: (-(#DM#/12)*360)


thanks rob, ive been playing around with something similar to that but i find that i cant get it to sit on the low numbers and high numbers, somewhere through the month it shifts and is off by a day or 2? I dont know what im doing wrong , if my marker for the dial is in the wrong spot or equation need an adjustment,

It will all depend on the images you have for the dials. If you could make it inspectable I could have a look at it for you and see what might be up.

You can do that from the sharing icon at the top of the Creatorimage
Then Enabling inspect mode:

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I think i may have it for days, just working on month now

Ahh ddn’t see that you were rotating hands inside the dial rather than rotating the whole dial.

I would use the following for days: (((#Dd#/31)*360)-6)
This way you are not adjusting the day itself but just the degrees offset of the image.

For the month then (((#DM#/12)*360)-20) seems to work.

You get a better preview here if you only post up to the face ID of the URL which you can copy straight out of the address bar of the browser without needing the sharing link. EG:

Thanks for the help rob.fisk, it was so appreciated for your quick response as well, I was very lucky to have you on here while i was figuring things out, Much appreciation and respect to you.

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No problem. Have received my fair share of rotation help here myself over time and still will.
After a few it will become second nature and you spot the patterns to work things out.

General rule of thumb though is (((#TimeUnit#/#NumUnits)*360)+/-Offset) for hands.
To rotate the whole dial anticlockwise add a - after the first bracket.
If you start without an offset it’s usually pretty clear whether you need + or -.

Also, there are some pretty good dials in the resources category here (where you see an image and a big gap right click the big gap and open image in new tab and download that one as that is the white on transparent version). Here’s one thread but there are a few more: