Help to realize a watch with chrono functions

Hi to all

I would realize a watch with chrono functions. In my idea i have 3 small dials, 1 for seconds (60 at top), 1 for minutes(30at top) and 1 for hours (12 at top).
What i would have is :

  1. A way to have the 3 hands not moving, but stopped at 60/30/12
  2. A button, ie at 3, that start moving hands
  3. Abutton , ie at 9, that stop hands
  4. A button, ie at 6, to reset hands
    being a premium user i tried the chrono function of facer creator, but this feature does not work. May be i did some mistake.
    Can someone help me in realizing this chrono watch?
    Thx very much in advance for any help :smiley:

Some of the names on your designs seem familiar to me. If you are making clones or using brand names you might not get much help with your questions…

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The chrono functions in the premium facer creator work perfect.
If you want to have a look how just check my Vagabound watch face. Inspection mode should be open.

But - @Linlay is right - stop cloning and using brand names or at least these watch faces will be removed by Facer and it could happen that you are getting totally banned.

Thx for your reply