[Help] Triple Touch on Samsung S3 Gear Won't Work

hello my english is not good

tripple touch samsung s3 gear frontier not working !

Hi @altan481976!

Sorry about that! Quick questions:

  • Is your watch connected to an Android or iOS device?
  • What version of the app is it?
  • What happens when you triple tap? Do you get an error or nothing happens?

I can also validate this is happening with me. Same Watch the Gear S3 Frontier, running it from a Galaxy s8 android version 7.0
@Facer_Official it does nothing, sometimes it will work and bring up the faces other times it does nothing.
the app is the latest version i am running. and yes it is connected via bluetooth,

@Facer_Official, S3 Frontier: I concur in last few weeks triple tap has become less responsive/predictable, previously 3 taps would always work without fail, regardless of speed of taps. Now I find I have to try multiple triple taps to get face to react changing the speed of taps to get into edit mode. Using latest everything, beta on the phone (One+5)

I have the S3 Classic and I have to concur; there are issues with the triple tap, as I can’t even use it anymore. I’ve also had overall compatibility issues, as none of the multifunction faces work properly (weather information won’t sync, step count is off, battery levels won’t update, etc.) in the Tizen OS environment. Incidentally, I also have an Android Wear-based watch and everything seems to work just fine where multifunction faces are concerned.