[Help] Weather Data Inaccurate - Better Source Requested

Anyone know where the weather and forecast data is coming from? It doesn’t always seem accurate and I would like to see where it is getting the info.


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In the settings section of the Facer app on your phone, you can choose between Open Weather Map or Yahoo Weather.

Neither seems to be accurate.

There’s no such option in app build 3.0.3-1207


In the new version of the application, there is no longer the possibility to make the choice between Open Weather Map or Yahoo Weather. See screenshot below:

I searched everywhere, impossible to know what is the source of the data.
@Facer_Official Where do these weather data come from now ?

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We only use OpenWeather due to changes in the Yahoo API a few months ago. The Yahoo option should have been removed then - if it was still showing up, it was a bug on our side!


Thanks you for your quickly response @Facer_Official :kissing_heart:

Using OpenWeatherMap.org has been the reason for all my Gear S3 weather TAG frustration!!! So, I apologize that I have been blaming Facer tags for the bad weather data, when it is actually your decision to go with OpenWeatherOrg’s obviously BAD API response data.

So, when I go to OpenWeatherOrg’s website and look at their webpage forecast for my location, the numbers are close to all the other weather services. BUT, when I queried their API, I got the same messed up data that I’m seeing in my Facer designs. YEP, they show one set of forecast numbers on their webpages, but an entirely different set of forecast number results from their API.

The OpenWeatherOrg website is showing 106 for a high and 76 for a low today, but their API response for the same exact location is showing 97 for a high and 72 for a low today which is what I’m seeing on my Gear S3 Facer watchfaces. WOW!

Update: When I queried their API using daily?ZIP= it gave me the numbers you are using. However, when I changed the API query to daily?q=CityName,US, it got the correct forecast results. What a strange API…


I’ve been looking at OpenWeather’s data on their webpage and comparing it to their various API responses and it’s not at all in sync. Nor is it stable at all since I kept getting different results for the same location throughout the day as the results kept changing throughout the day. Even the API result that I thought was correct, started to change throughout the day and got totally off. So, there was no stable weather data results from OpenWeather’s API.

As long as you use OpenWeather’s bad data as your weather source, then I won’t be able to use Facer’s weather tags since the data from OpenWeather is garbage.


Was taking a look at their site as well. If Facer continues to use the Open Weather API, can we get additonal data? I submitted this as a feature request a while back for wind. Here are some of the other potential data tags that might be helpful:

location.location.altitude City geo location, altitude above the sea level
location.location.latitude City geo location, latitude
location.location.longitude City geo location, longitude
main.sea_level Atmospheric pressure on the sea level, hPa
main.grnd_level Atmospheric pressure on the ground level, hPa

pressure.value Pressure value
pressure.unit hPa

visibility.value Visibility, meter

precipitation.value Precipitation, mm
precipitation.mode Possible values are 'no", name of weather phenomena as ‘rain’, ‘snow’

wind.speed - Wind speed. Unit Default: meter/sec, Metric: meter/sec, Imperial: miles/hour.
wind.deg - Wind direction, degrees (meteorological)

clouds.all - Cloudiness, %

rain.3h - Rain volume for the last 3 hours

snow.3h -Snow volume for the last 3 hours

lastupdate.value Last time when data was updated

Different HI/Lo for various parts of the day:
“day”:297.77, //daily averaged temperature
“min”:293.52, //daily min temperature
“max”:297.77, //daily max temperature
“night”:293.52, //night temperature
“eve”:297.77, //evening temperature
“morn”:297.77}, //morning temperature

One other question would be what APIs are available? I know Facer at least has the 5 day forecast. It should also include a 3HR forecast. What about the 16 day API? Other possible useful APIs, UV Index, Air Pollution

Also if you wanted to extremely fancy/complicated, there are a ton of different conditions and sub-conditions for weather:

All this being said, the Documentation section would definitely need to be updated, and the creator simplified.


@Facer_Official Hello Facer team,

Open Weather Map datas are clearly innacurate in Europe and unusable. Please compare them with any other weather datas and you will see it . Temperatures forecasts are all less that weather.com or yahoo. Could you correct it please (choosing another weather datas source or the original one weather.com)?

Thank you,


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Its really amoying that facer sells to Europe and there is no solution for the weather in the faces. This problem is an old one. I think that if Facer doesn’t want to resolve it, should have a message that the faces don’t work in Europe.

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Wish the watchface authors were more specific about what data they’re displaying. And some of them screwed up the date display on their data, todays data shown as tomorrow…

Openweathermap data is weird because the low temp values are cut off at midnight even if it’s getting colder later in the am hours. It’s not an “overnight low” but is actually a minimum temperature for that 24h period. When you look at tomorrow’s low you dont know if that’s going to be tomorrow in the a.m. hours (I.e. tonight’s overnight low) or tomorrow’s evening temperature (I.e tomorrow night at midnight), it depends which is colder. Confusing data source combined with dumb authors who dont know how to verify the data and make sure its programmed to display the correct day… makes facer an unreliable and annoying platform.

I was looking for a reason why the weather on the face I just made is wildly different from everyone else, I guess this is it.

Without a reliable weather API what’s the point guys?

Hey @Facer_Official, no news on this subject?
March ‘20 and we still see different and inaccurate temperature and location on watch faces. Isn’t it possible to work with Samsung/Google to get weather information and location directly from Tizen/WearOS as they are very accurate?

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precipitation urgente!

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