[Help] Weird Dim Side Behaviors (Display, Transparency, Rounding)

I’m working on new design and noticed some odd behaviors on the Dim side:

  1. Rotated text out of line
    The text appears to not stay on the same plane. Maybe off 1 pixel?
  2. I have a Transparency break for either F/C to determine the estimated mileage/Km.
    On Dim side, transparency doesn’t work so it is blank.
  3. Strange Calculation results
    I am trying to get a % remaining (steps out of 10k) calculation. I included a round function to limit the resulting number to a max of 2 decimal points. Somehow I get this weird result:


in the creator things look ok. See last image.

In order to take care of that giant number with % I would suggest using:
where 100 represent’s 2 places after the dot that you want to show.

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