[Help] When Updates Hang

@Facer_Official I’ve been wondering about something for a long time.

When a design update takes a long time to save, is it okay to close the browser window?

I would prefer to close it, rather than leaving it open for the whole duration. But then I would still like to receive a push notification once the update is complete.

Am I being high-maintenance? (cringe) Sorry in advance.

Hi @pacingpoet - Just to clarify, are you referring to saving a draft or publishing a face?

Unfortunately both do need the window to stay open to complete. However, if it’s taking a crazy long time, there may be a bug somewhere we need to address. How long does it usually take for you?

I’m referring both to saving edits to an already published face and publishing a new face. Sometimes it takes… hours. That can’t be normal, can it?

It takes me only a few minutes. I don’t think it’s ever taken longer than 3-4 minutes on a slow day. I edited a large number of my faces today. Republishing each one took only a minute or two.

HOURS!? That definitely isn’t normal :slight_smile: @pacingpoet - what browser do you use?

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waiting for publishing to finish

Not really. This only happened a few times in the past and were resolved.