[Help] Will Facer Work on Ticwatch 2 by Mobvoi?

Please add support for Ticwatch 2. Its an emerging smartwatch.
Ticwear OS is based on Android and is compatible with both Android and iOS.

My new Ticwatch 2 has just arrived! When will we get support for it? Or at least, what’s the closest match for a Ticwatch 2?

Facer is available for three operating systems: Android Wear, Tizen, and iOS.

Ticwatch 2 runs its own operating system, Ticwear OS. For Facer to support Ticwatch 2, the Android app would have to be ported or rewritten for Ticwear OS - lots of work for little gain if very few smartwatches use that OS.

The latest Ticwatch 2 is now Android Wear. Will facer add the Ticwatch 2 to the app?

If that’s the case, this is now a feature request for @Facer_Official.

@anthony.zulueta Ticwatch S&E should be supported if they have a standard Android Wear OS now. We’ll look into official support so you can select it, but if you select a similar Android Wear watch face it should work (Huawei Watch 2 would be a good choice). Please let us know if this doesn’t work for you!

Edit: I believe the new Ticwatch S&E uses Android Wear, but I don’t think they’ve updated the previous Ticwatch models (1 & 2) to use this. Please let me know if I’m mistaken here.

@Gavin Yes, you are correct. Ticwatch S&E run Android Wear 2.0, but not the original Ticwatch 2 active and classic models. Those still run Ticwear.

Do we have an ETA for Ticwatch S&E support?

@kelvin.tran1234 the current version of Facer supports Ticwatch S&E, if you select the Huawei Watch 1 or 2 you can use it with your Ticwatch, but we’ll be adding Ticwatch S&E as a selection option in the next few weeks.

Hi Gui’s, the TicWatch 2 supported a Facer in 2018? Any News??

Thanks a Lot!