Help with a couple of hands please

Im looking for the answer in the archives too but if anyone can help i’d be grateful.

I want to use a second hand to represent:

0-10k steps (full 360)
0-100 Battery status (full 360)

Thanks in advance

Both quite easy mate the battery is self explanatory ((#BLN#/100)*360) all you are doing is deviding the BLN result into 100 and then telling it to Multiply the 360 deg you want it to make as for the steps it should be the same fomula i havent ever bothered myself but (#ZSC#/10000)*360) Should do the trick but it makes the step count limited to 10000 so you may want to add a second line for if it is greater ok.

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Nice mate, thanks for the quick response.


not sure why but both those codes stay pointed at 12 oclock?

Have you tried moving the time line up and down ?

yes mate of course.

Oops sorry forgot the * sign before the 360 add that and alls well

Yep, that fixed the battery one, not the steps one.

Im having a bad day lol it needs an extra ( at the begining

To be honest I should of spotted that. Perfect now mate. Thank you :slight_smile:

no problem

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