Help with a language change question

Hi, in the watches that I’ve been designing, I have added the st, nd, rd, th, for the day that it is, like 1st, 2nd, 3rd… but I’ve noticed than in other languages, ex, Spanish, they are not used the same way, my question is, what kind of variable or tag I can use to say if it isn’t in English, not to show?

Thank you for your help

Sorry, as far as I know there are no tags for language. You might be able to use variables and the related increment/decrement widgets to do what you want but unless you are a “Creative Partner”, these elements are only available with the paid “Creator Pro” subscription. Have you signed up for Creator Pro?

I haven’t cause you need to make 3 designs with 3k hits a piece, i haven’t been able to reach it, and I usually design for myself or requests, then share it to the world… that’s what happened, I saw my design in Spanish and it didn’t look right… I guess I need to work harder and design and try to achieve it…

Thank you…

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There are two different schemes:

  1. Creative Partner Program - by invitation only; and
  2. Creator Pro Subscription - available to all for a fee

Either one will give you access to Variables and related widgets.

But …

When you say you “saw your design in Spanish”, what do you mean?

Did you create a watch face in English and then somehow it displayed in Spanish?

I don’t understand :confused:

One follower posted a photo of her wearing it, and it was in Spanish…

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I did not know that could happen. I assumed that face would look the same in every country. :open_mouth:

Me neither, útil I saw that, I was so honored that someone from around the world is using my designs

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