Help with changing backgrounds

I have to admit that there is a feature in Facer that I don’t know how to use (shocker right?).

It’s an ability to create a face that can change its background image when going in and out of Dim mode in the preview of the Facer app.
Note that I’m not talking about Apple watch faces, but Android/Tizen ones.

I saw 2 faces that could do that when I started creating faces (about a year ago), but I cannot find them anymore.
There is no mention of this feature in the Facer documentation.

My questions to anyone and everyone:

  1. Can anyone actually confirm that this kind of feature still exists in the current Facer version?
  2. Does anyone have a link to a working face that uses this feature?
  3. Does anyone know how to successfully create this effect?

Hey @Mellin!

Just opened one watch face for inspection that I believe does what you want. Note that it seems like it doesn’t flip the images properly in the web renderer here (only works if you reload the page), but it works on the watch and in editor. We’ll fix the web renderer asap. Hope it helps!


Thank you for the help!
I completely missed the randomizing functions for some reason.