Help with code on seconds and Dial on a RPM dashboard

Hi , I am working on my second watch face and I am running into trouble with the script to sync the seconds to the turning dial on the RPM meter, the challenge comes from the Dial not being full revolving in a circle but rather says more or less so to the same side of the dail starting at 1 and ending in 16 where the red line beggins, ideally the dial would start at 1 at second one and end up in 16 at second 60 to reset back to 1 at second 00 as shown on the digital dial.

Any help with the script and as an added bonus an explanation on how it works would be appreciated it.

Thank you.

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or alternatively (as i was trying to do, a slow pendulum effect where it occilates between the green and the red line is what I was originally working on.

Thanks in advance.