Help with compass

This is a work in progress. I’ve never used a compass before.

There is no way for me to test it in creator and I’m not convinced that the compass is working correctly on my Galaxy 4 watch. The needle definitely rotates when I move, but it doesn’t seem to correlae with what I believe are the directions I’m facing.
Could a few of you test it and tell me if it works or advise corrections before I invest more time in the design?


No idea what’s going wrong here sorry Sir, but I did sync it on my GW4 Classic, and yes, it doesn’t appear to be right for some reason.
After checking around the Community for Compass, and seeing as you used #CMP# all I could suggest is that you try these other 2 variations that I found: either (-(#CMP#)) or else -(interpDial(interpOvershoot(#Dsm#,0,3,2)*#CMP#, 0, 360,360,+0))


Not every watch has compass cabability. My ticwatch does not have it, I’ll reactivate my old watch and see…


@wsilbers . I check the compass on my Phone save sending it to the watch all the time . As @icrltd4 says test (-(#CMP#)) as CMP is a Heading not a pointer direction angle . Make a simple test for your watch before you spend hours on a face . But that is looking very nice . If you are interested I have a Compass with a Wind Direction indicator . If I was navigating the planet in a Sailing ship as your face suggests I would want that on my wrist .


@wsilbers I had a compass on one of mine a wee while ago, it used the cardinal points and tickmarks. I’ve just re-checked it on Pixel and GW4, and it seems to work (though I had to wave my arm around quite a bit to get the Pixel to calibrate).

For the cardinal points , say ‘N’, I used (Y value):


And for the Tick marks which is probably closer to what you are after I used (Rotation):


I probably got to these through trial and error…

Just tried it on my phone (Pixel6) and I had to shoogle (Scottish for shake about) it around a fair bit too, but it did settle in the right direction eventually.



These software compasses need calibrating every time you call them. I prefere an oil filled one. Just tap the glass to calibrate it. Calibrating a smart compass in public is a bit Embarrassing.


The needle points correctly using -#CMP#. So I was thinking. If I’m facing north and want to go east, I have to turn right. The compass needle continues to point north, but because I’ve turned right the compass needle is now pointing to west on the watch face. So my solution, which is now part of the watch face above since I recoded it, is to have the dial and the needle move. The needle continues to point North and as the dial rotates, the correct direction is now under the pointer at the top of the watch face.


I think the final version works correctly. At least it appears to work on my Galaxy 4.
Thanks everyone for your help.


@wsilbers . Go on get the Wind Direction on there .Esential if you are circumnavigating the Globe in a Hot Air Ballon . I love the details on your Face . Great Victorian Telephone . Great DOW and Month . Nice work .

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