Help with complex animations

I am in the process of trying to create a with with a ‘working’ engine.

The engine will have 5 cylinders that ideally would be linked to a rotor

I have 1 that sort of works= it is too fast and out of sync with the camshaft rotor.

The concept (please ignore layering, these were mocked up in -

So, my questions: -

  1. how can I slow down the cylinder?
  2. how can I get 5 cylinders that are all out of sync with each other but in sync with the rotor?
  3. is it possible to animate the con rod so that it appears to be linking the cylinder to the rotor?

Many thanks in advance

i think this is what ou are trying to make

i made this quite some time ago the maths is very complicated but i can break it down for you if its what you need



@dazstacey that is very similar to what I am trying to make but mike will have 5 pistons.

I expected the maths to be very complex and I would appreciate you breaking it down for me.


hi mate sorry i dont have enough time to teach you how to do this so i just did this for you

inspection mode is available so take what you need and have fun with it ok.