Help with creating a rotation for days of the week

I saw this other post; but, it was a bit confusing… can someone break it down a bit more…

I downloaded the weekday graphics. I just need to know how I need to layer them in “FACER” and what I need to add; so, they spin each day. What tag do I need to add?


For the rotation of something round, which has the days of the week in it, the next tag (Rotation) is used, X - you adjust it yourself, as with the examples


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Lucky, tell me if I did this right? I created 3 layers in facer:

1- top layer with the day cutout on a black background
2- this is the middle layer with the days of the week
3- this would be the bottom base layer - black

I then placed either ((#DWR#)-102.857143) or ((#DWR#)-51.428571)
in the “ROTATION” tag. The 1st one took me to Monday and the 2nd one too today.


Most likely, a tag should be placed on the second layer. It will be better and faster if you show the graphics that you use or open your watch face for viewing

Thanks for the help!!!