Help with delaying start of image sequencer

Hi all! I am hoping someone can help me with an expression. So I have a gif that is a total of 83 frames that I would like to play upon wake and stop on the last image. Because the image sequencer maxes out at 25 frames, my idea was to layer 4 image sequences as follows:

First layer: 1st 25 frames
Second layer: 2nd set of 25 frames
Third layer: 3rd set of 25 frames
Fourth layer: last 8 frames

I want them to play in order so that after you wake the watch, the first layer plays first, and as soon as it’s done, the 2nd image sequence/layer will then pick up and play, and so forth until it cycles to the last frame. I would like the total time from beginning to end to take 10 seconds. So I figure the first 3 layers need to each run for approximately 3.01 seconds and the final 4th layer should only need to run for .97 seconds considering it only holds 8 frames.

How do I get it so that the second, third, and fourth image sequence layers do not immediately begin playing upon wake along with the first layer? That’s my biggest issue.

My other issue is having them all disappear once the sequences finish. I figure if they can each become transparent once completed, then I can have a final, solid image underneath them all, identical to the last frame, and keep that one static until the watch goes back to dim again so that way it doesn’t just have a blank screen or flash back to the first image.

I’ll have to ask to please explain it to me like I’m a dummy if you’re able because I do this as a fun past time but do not have any coding or graphic design background.


Well, first of all, hi! What you are trying to do is really complicated for many reasons.
To start, 10 seconds of animation :scream: No many people look their watch that much, btw in most watches DIM mode is about 3-5 seconds after wake so they never will see the hole thing.
Second, you cant delay the start of an image sequence. You have to animate the 83 images one for layer. Theres a formula you can use:
Where X is the number of image starting (very important) in 0.
You have to stack the 83 images in your watch and use the formula in transparency, starting by 0 for X in the fisrt one and 82 in the last one. Is a hell of work! And the watch will be really heavy… Good luck!

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