Help with dim/night button

I know I’m probably being thick, but could someone please tell me how to turn this watch face to the dim/night setting ?

Many thanks

Turn on the AOD (Always On Display) mode in your watch. Then when the watchface becomes inactive it will switch automatically to the dim ambient mode.


Hi, thanks for replying to me, It’s much appreciate.
It works spot on thank you, is there anyway of having the dim screen on permanently? Or is it only available on AOD?
Many thanks Rich

It depends on how the creator made the watchface. I would say with the example picture you posted, it’s only going to work when in ambient mode, but not active mode. When I make watchfaces I can decide how each screen will look. Some don’t change at all; others are very different. It all depends on the style of the face and my mood. You might contact the person who made the one you are asking about and see if they would be willing to make another version of it that shows up like the AOD mode does all the time.