Help! With firefighter watch face

I am a paid firefighter (IAFF). I’m new to the facer app. I’m looking for a thin red line face on a grey scale American flag. I’ve searched and there isn’t much out there for watch faces. I found a thin blue line one bit not a thin red line. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks

Hello @shayden7 and welcome to facer. Could You maybe post some kind of reference picture to help explain what you mean?

I’ll try. I’m not really very good with this! Lol…
Ervin Gay - Thin Blue Line - watch face for Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S3, Huawei Watch, and more - Facer

#Android #AndroidWear #WearOs #Facer #watchface

But instead of a blue line, a red one and maybe a small IAFF logo somewhere

Thank you!!

I’ll be glad to throw my hat into the ring with the other designers.
Do you want a grunge-look flag as in your sample or a newer looking flag in grayscale?
There is s slight problem with the logo permision:
Let us know if you want to omit the logo.

Grunge look flag in grey scale like the sample. And that’s fine to omit the IAFF logo

Cool. Do you want 24-hr time as well as 12-hr time?
Do you want Steps? Or distance in miles? Or both?

12hr over 24hr, basically just like the sample. Steps,date,battery, temp… This site is VERY helpful!! Thank you

[quote=“shayden7, post:9, topic:33015”]
This site is VERY helpful!!
[/quote] Everyone is always very helpful here. It’s a great site.
Give me an hour or so. I’ll try to come up with something simple as in the sample. The other guys are in other time zones, so I’m sure they will post theirs when they get a chance.

Great!! Thank you so much

How’s this?

I can make changes if you see anything that you want to be different. The flag that I used is a different size than in the sample, so spacing is not exactly the same.


I love it!!! That’s perfect! Thanks so much!!!

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You’re most welcome. I’m looking forward to seeing what other designers come up with. That way you can have a selection to choose from.

This community is very helpful


It’s looking like you’re the only one!! Thanks again

There may be more. Not only is it a holiday, but there are time zones to consider as well. If no one else posts at least you have one. :slight_smile:

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