Help with fonts

I’m back asking for help again. A user asked for a digital version of one of my watch faces. Here it is.

It looks great in Facer creator, but on my Samsung Gear S3 the fonts are not correct. Is it my watch? Facer? or something else?
I wouldn’t like to change fonts. It took a lot of work to create the curved text and even more to add each image to the watch face. And of course I’d like the fonts to match.

Well folks, if you have any ideas why a font renders differently in Facer creator than on my watch, I’d still like to hear it, but I found a different font that appears satisfactory with the curved text images and works well on my watch too.

Since you insert the days and months as PNG, this should not happen.
Only a deviation of the representation in terms of edge smoothing can occur if you rasterise the font before saving when creating, this should be avoided because fonts are vectors and when rasterising they are converted into pixels.
And since when saving the graphic in PNG a conversion into pixels takes place, you would have a “double” deterioration of the edge smoothing.

I think there is a bug in Creator that causes it to not render all fonts correctly Every so often I will use a font that does not work well. The only alternative is to find a similar one that works.

Can you take a picture of your watch with your face on it to show us how it’s different than Creator preview?

In my experience, some designs revert to a default font and some (especially decorative fonts) become distorted so they cannot be read. One more thing that you may want to try when there is a problem is to make sure to use the same font for all information so the watch doesn’t become “confused” trying to read more than one custom font.

Thanks everyone for your input.
I only use one font per watch face. Never tried using more than one.
Since I changed to font to one which looks OK with my curved text and works on my watch, I no longer have the original to take a photo of.