Help with Icons?

Hi there, can someone tell me where i can go to get png’s of the icons (ie. battery, steps, heart rate, watch battery and weather)? Or maybe even a little owl or cat png i can add into my watch design. I’m trying to update my older faces while create new ones.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. TIA!!

You can get Material Design icons here:

Just thought I’d share the couple of simple icons I made tonight using Paint 3D, one for the Phone and one for the Watch. Feel free to download and use them for yourselves if you want to (they can obviously be sized correctly in the Creator).

Here’s an example of how they look in a Face I created tonight as well -
Animated Flying Superman Face

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Nice job! Thanks for posting.

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Coming from you mrantisocialguy that’s a massive compliment, thank you very much sir :grinning: