Help with Opacity formula between Midnight and 1 am

Hi All - hoping for some help from the experts!

I have a very simple face that I designed (at least thought I did) to change from an Analogue Face to a Digital between 10pm to 6am.

I thought it had worked perfectly until recently when I was going through my old stuff and wondering what I wanted to create next and I noticed that this face changes to Digital at 10pm but then reverts back to Analogue between midnight and 1 am… then switches to digital again until 6am.

Here’s the formula - $#Dk#<6||#DH#>=22?100:0$

Would appreciate any advice - thanks!

Did you try this? $#DH#<6||#DH#>=22?100:0$

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oh my gosh - that was it!

Thanks monyosc… something so simple in the end :laughing:

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What a nice Idea . Yes you have discovered Facers little K or k … H or h Joke . Being a little Dyslexic it is a Mind Fuck for Me .