Help with Pip-Boy watchface error needed!

Hi! The Pip-Boy (and other) watch faces seems to not be working properly which is upsetting because I’ve paid money for it. The things that are not working: heartrate, location, temperature, humidity, UV level

Samsung watch 6 classic 47mm bluetooth
All permissions enabled
App updated

Here are the rest of the non functional features:

Go and check and make sure you have given the Facer Companion app all the permissions to access complication data, location and anything else you find in there. Without location turned on in both the watch and phone your weather will not work. Without complication data turned on for the Facer companion app, heart rate steps and anything else the watch measures will not be shared with Facer.

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Hi! I have already granted the app all the permissions on my watch. Those are:
Music and audio
Nearby devices
Photos and videos
Physical activity
Complication data
Photos and videos

I have now allowed the app to work in the background, and everything works except for the heartrate

Update 2:
Everything works now!


Good deal, I’m glad it’s working for you now.

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