Help with rotation!

Ok so I am trying to create a gauge that fills and depletes as the battery level changes.

Ok I will try to explain the best I can:

There is a circle in the behind the face is the one that has the “green” on it. This is the part that rotates.

The face has a hollow spot where the circle behind can rotate to fill or lower the gauge.

When the battery is completely empty, the rotation position will be 358. When the battery is completely full, the rotation point will be 270.

So this is where I got stuck. I have made battery gauges with hands that rotate but this is a bit more difficult than I thought it would be and I dont know why.

Here is what I have so far:

The image needs to rotate a total of 88 degrees.


But its NOT WORKING!!! When I take the negative off the front it seems to work, but the gauge fills as the battery depletes which is the opposite of what I need it to do lol.

Also not 100 percent sure if I can link it here so you can get a better idea of whats going on or not. please help!!!

I’m not sure, but you may need to have to #BLN# surrounded by paratheses all by itself.

IE: -(-88+((#BLN#)*0.8))

Is there a link to the watchface with inspection turned on so we can see?

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Ok so I remembered how to get to the link of it lol. Here it is:

I realize that things are not perfect but there are 2 items you will find in inspector mode on the very bottom layers. They are the watch and phone battery green layers.

I made a watch previously that had rotation and I was able to figure that one out, but for some reason this one has really stumped me.

I worked for hours today on this so I really hope you like it!

Also I might have been WAY off on the formula lol. I am still pretty new at this!

OMG I am so proud of myself lol I just sat here and played with the numbers waiting for a response and I managed to get it working!!! I was trying to make it way too complicated!

This is all I needed to put:



It was working fine in the preview.

I went to the Facer app on my phone to look at it.

I didn’t add parentheses in the tags.

Put the expressions in parentheses.

For some reason, when the expressions are inside parentheses, they do not work the same! What the heck?

Now the green battery levels on both sides of the watch face do not correspond to the correct battery levels, but if you take off the parentheses, they work fine!

Ok I take that back. In the preview, when it resets to 100 the green part jump up too high ugh

I think I fixed it.

Hi, can I jump in for help since you are talking about rotation help? I am trying to get the rotation math correct. At midnight is where I want the calendar to line up. I want to also create mirror image calendar like the clocks. I am close to the clocks but one likes to wander.
Visually would this work just with the hour dial and second hand? Need some visual critique please. Trying to figure out something to help direct the eyes to the hour. I was looking at a fan when this came to my mind.

Yes feel free to jump in lol because my math is still not right either but its kind of close I think? IDK lol

Thank you. Do you know where my math is wrong?

No I am not great with the formulas on here. I am still trying to learn them.

Visually though, on your watch its really hard to tell which hand is pointing at the hour. That little circle at the tip of the large hand is quite hard to see, especially when its behind a number. Have you tried making the little circles another color thats easier to see, like red? Overall I really like the design. Also hard to read the date, especially when the hand is behind it.

You are right about the time issue, I am trying not to take away from the hands. That has been my hardest part. As for the calendar, it’s supposed to be on the hand. But waiting to finish it. Thinking might put it on the lighter side of the hand. Sometimes what you have in your head, doesn’t translate on “paper”.