Help with samsung note 10

I would like to ask how to activate the facer through my Samsung note 10 to my huawei series 2 watch
I tried so many times but it keep asking me to active the companion application
Can anyone help me with this!!

First and foremost, welcome to the community :v:

Which OS does the Huawei Series 2 watch run? If I recall, Facer only works with Apple’s (iOS?), Android’s (WearOS) and Samsung’s (Tizen). If your watch doesn’t run one of those 3, I don’t think it’ll be compatible, at least for now.

Well, according to gsmarena Huawei Watch 2 - Full phone specifications
this watch is driven by Android Wear OS, which should allow to use Facer…

What you need to do is:

  1. download and install Facer on your watch
  2. do the same on your Note10.

It is easy proces, though I don’t remember all the steps now… :wink: