Help with sequencer

Hello, I’m currently creating a Pokémon battle animation face, everything was going well until I encountered an issue with the sequences. I wanted the Pokémon to change every day, so I found a tag ($#DdL#!=1?2000:0$) that allows me to do that. However, the problem is that I can only use the tag in the position category. As a result, all the sequences are being displayed outside the frame of the watch, and it seems like the watch is playing all the sequences I created for the week simultaneously. This causes the animations to lag. When I only have two sequences, everything works fine.

Is there another way to make the sequences change every day for a week (with two sequences for each day)? Initially, I thought about using the opacity, but when I apply the tag to it and click out of the sequence, and then back in, the opacity just displays ‘0’.

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Sequence and Opacity does not work.
Should work with setting the X or Y position to a larger negative (off screen) number when the condition is not met.


Yes .You have discovered that Sequences can not use thier Opacity Field . We could say it should not have a Field there . Any way the trick of sending it off to X 2000 is the way . Yes Animations are a burden on the system . Reduce them in size on EZGIF . you are showing them on a very small display so they can be quite small. I have done tests with 4 animations .but you should be able to reduce 7 to something that will work . Yes they are running in the background . Now try get them to start at a specific point in the sequence . Ha Ha don’t Bother . But while you are there set the Trigger to Wake . You can do timing Tricks but as you may imagine it is tricky .Creator does not run them in real time . Enjoy .