Help with simple animation

Hello All,

New to Face-making, and I suck at math, so I’m begging for some help here.

I want certain elements of the face I’m making to fade in and out randomly, not synchronized with each other. I’ve used the example fade in and out in the “Kitchen Sink” examples:


And I’ve read a couple threads on the sin function, but I am not getting it at all. I don’t find the function definitions on the Expressions page helpful at all. There is zero explanation of what sin or cos actually do. I guess they make assumptions about the average person’s math skills (I’m well below average).

So, can anyone explain what the above expression is doing, and how I can randomize it?


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Hi and welcome @Steel_Rat. Not 100% sure but I will attach a link to one of my faces that uses different fading timed elements to seem random. Inspection mode should be turned on. The blinking circuit elements. I actually found these expressions from @GAUSS. Hope this helps.


That’s pretty nice. So it appears random because the glowing points are sprinkled here and there. But there is no actual randomness. I’m going to try it out and see how it works. I only have three random fades so it may not work for me, but it gives me some ideas.


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Hi, try to see how this code works:

(sin(#DWE#*wakeRand(30,100)-wakeRand(0, (wakeRand(3,10)*(pi*2))))*30+30)

In this case, I tried to make an intermittent light with random values.

Hope it could help.


I reduced the first wakeRand values to 2 and 10, 30,100 was too fast for what I was looking for, but this seems to work well. Thanks!