Help With Step Count and Heart Rate

Hey All,
Working on my next face and having issues with the two different progressions.
I can’t use a typical gauge style formula due to the background set. I would like to have two objects progress from one point to another on a arc.
First progression, 15K Step Count. Second progression, Heart Rate. I have opened inspection on my face and have a temporary degree layered over the progression paths.
I am trying to have step count on the left progress from 200° to 350° clockwise. 15K total steps.
The right progression would be current heart rate 160° to 10° ccw. 0-220BPM.
You can see attempts in the x,y and rotation. Obviously not working but maybe it will help to see what I would like to achieve. Thx, Scott

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Can help later but not now. Some one will come and sort it I am sure.

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So we are not talking about a Progress Bar progress. We are talking about the angle of Rotation for the two icons. Heart and Steps. Using sin and cos. It is very easy to get stuck there. Much easier to make a couple of hands with pivot points. But once you have got the sin cos method sorted it is very useful for moving anything about your screen . As you have discovered it is s bit of work.

So here is a bit of jiggery Pokery .

I have made the rotations Descriptive but the rest I hacked till it worked .
You know that 105 is the radius and 160 is the centre point

Play with the other numbers to change things to suit the ICON positions . I have gone for the middle treating them as pointers .

You will see I changed the structure of one . It suits me better to see it round that way .
You will note that to get things going the other way you swap sin and cos or their - minus sign .





Sorry this is your original structure for clarity


Note I don’t like spaces .

Get back if these need a tweak .

Note . I have tested the steps to 15000 steps by adjusting Slider Scaling . If you would like to know how to do that apply in Triplicate .


Well, I guess I put you to work. lol. Once again, thanks for the reply and help.
I understand that hands and layers may be better suited but I know some of you Facer Genius’ like a challenge beyond my mind. Plus I would have to design hands with the icons attached to the ends. That I can do.
It would also be a nicer way to expand the possibilities and designs of faces if this could work…
I hope to get back to it soon. I will definitely work on it and let you know.
Thanks again Russell.

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That orbiting code is very usefull. Most use it for Elliptical stuff. It needs a fair amount of playing with. Because sin and pi are involved sometimes rad the numbers for the length of travel and the start stop position are not normal looking numbers. I just sort them by trial and Error. There are Maths Gurus on here that will do it by calculation. It is very satisfying if you crack it yourself.

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Will do. I spent some time on it and it is very close if not right on. I’ll do a actual watch run, which I prefer before publishing. Thx.

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