Help with transition images

Hi everybody… I’m creating a watch that needs a little bit of help, I’m trying to have 2 images that interchange between them (I already achieved that part, but I need to make them fade in and out in between so they are smoother sequences… can someone help me? I already have the watch open for revision to whomever would like to help me… thank you so much…

Hi @Nerioalberto,

You could use the interpAccel function to shrink the image from its current size to to 0, before the next one appears, you can adjust the timing to match what you are already doing with the transparency. This expression help tutorial helped me to build one of my watch faces using the same function: Slide in help please look for the area ‘Heart - Grow’ and you would just reverse the process to shrink to zero using the height and width of the image. You can also adjust the speed using the functions accelerationFactor value.

Hope this helps!


Thank you but I still didn’t make it the way I wanted to show…