Help with uploading face

Hi. I’m trying to import a watch face but the instructions I read say about clicking watchface and then import (watch icon) top right.
But there is no watch icon.

Can someone please advise

Where are you trying to “import” a watch face from? Next question where are you trying to “import” the watch face to? And lastly where are those “instructions” that you have found for importing watch faces. There is no place I know of in Facer Creator that allows the importation of complete watch faces, only pictures or fonts.

Now if you are talking about importing the face to your watch, in the Facer app and on the web pages the import icon is blue in the bottom right and is a circle with a white watch with an arrow pointing into the face.

Hi. Thanks for the reply.
In the tutorial I read online it shows the icon in the top right which allows you to upload the face design that I’ve downloaded from an external website.

That is no longer possible with Facer. You can only use faces that are made on the Facer platform using Facer Creator. Unless it is an option in the paid premium account which I highly doubt. Your best bet is to use Watchmaker or find a face on Facer you like and download it from there.

Yeah i would like to know how to do this as well, I was sent a custom Face and would like to upload it so i can download it to my watch :smiley:

I am having problems uploading faces. There always seems to be a part of the face that is not showing. I have a Samsung Galaxy 3 watch. Any help would be appreciated.

Are you uploading your design from your computer, or are you trying to sync to your watch from Facer?
Make sure you are not trying to sync an APPLE design. Those faces are a different size and will not fit a Samsung Galaxy.

I am using Corel Draw and am trying to find the best settings for Exporting to maintain it’s quality. Anyone have any recommendations to get the best quality possible?

I do everything at 640x640 or smaller. Facer almost always halves the size of any picture added to the creator. So, using 640x640 it ends up as 320x320 the size of the watch face.