Help with Var+1

I’m trying to make it so that tapping the display cycles through the time, date, heart rate, and step count. I’m using VAR+1, and right now it goes from the time to the date when tapping the display, and I see how to make it continue through the other stats, but how do I get it to reset back to the time after cycling through everything? Since VAR+1 just keeps adding to the var, I don’t see how to get it back to the beginning other than using a separate VAR Reset button.

Any help is appreciated.

It sounds like you would just want to make sure to set your time transparency to
4 being the number of elements to switch between and ==0 is the base level that it would cycle back to.
Hopefully that makes sense and helps.

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That worked! I was actually unfamiliar with “time transparency.” Thank you!

EDIT: Actually, it’s the %4 I wasn’t familiar with. Didn’t realize we could set the number of elements that way. Thanks again!

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@dastaten No problem! Glad it worked!