Help with variables/conditions

I am interested in making a face that looks like a plain analog watch, but when the user taps on certain areas info like, current weather, step count, etc. will appear. They can tap again and it will disappear back to the plain face.
Anyone know if this would even be possible and if so, how I could implement this into a watch face?
Thanks in advance.

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Yes it is possible. To do so you would need access to the “Pro” features of Facer Creator that are available via a subscription.


I have the Pro subscription. It’s easy enough getting the apps set up, just can’t seem to figure out the “tap” function to make the app info, i.e. weather, to appear and subsequently disappear.

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Sorry, my poor assumptioin …

I don’t have the subscritption so I have not played with these features.

Have you checked out the help pages:

From my quick read, it looks like you could place VAR increment layers in certain areas of the face and then use the value of the related variables to set the transparency.

So, Transparency is say ((#VAR_1#%2)*100) and every time the user presses the increment area the transparency toggles from 0 to 100

I hope that helps

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Yeah, I’very been playing around with them but haven’t got them to work. I’ll keep at it till I figure it out. I’m still a noob at this coding.
Thanks for the links though. I’ll go back and see what I’m doing wrong.

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Sorry, we crossed posts, I just edited what I had written with a suggestion …

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That looks like it could work. I’ll give it a try. Thanks!

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