Help with Weather text rotation


So im trying to create a wheel of weather text and i have a couple of problems. I can place the text fine and it rotates but it always stays the same way up. I want it to change angle relative to where it is in its rotation. so it should be upside down at 12oclock, right way up at 6 and 90degrees at 3 etc…

im using this for the axis >>


I assume i need some kind of code in the rotation box.

Then i want to place more text, but the above codes will place it directly over the existiing, how do i place more text at a different point on the wheel.

Ive seen you guys do it with day, & dates rotating into view. If it was just flat text id just create an image and rotate it but its dynamic text.

thanks in advance

This may help:

Basically use these in the following fields:

X - (((sin((((360-#DWFSS#)-45)/180)*pi))*139)+160)
Y - (((cos((((360-#DWFSS#)-45)/180)*pi))*139)+160)
Rotation - (#DWFSS#-135)

And the text will rotate around the edge of the watch… it’ll be upright at 12, upside down at 6, etc.

You may want to tweak it further, but hopefully this is a start.

Then you can add more text pieces around the edge, check out the linked watchface and view the positions/rotations.


Thank you. Will have a play tomorrow