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Here's A SHOCKING Watch Face

Hopefully this face will STRIKE your fancy! MAG 1519


I love the shimmer you’ve got on that Rusty, very well done (I’d love to use a similar effect to that on a ghost :thinking:), looking quite good overall Sir :+1:

I’m using two copies of the same picture. The bottom layer is normal and the top layer I have used the grey color to darken the picture. That way when the below expression is working it changes the opacity of the top layer causing the flicker effect.

I don’t remember what thread I got this from or the author of the expression or I would credit them.

To make something flicker use:


Change the values to have it flicker more or less. Basically this layer has a 50/50 chance of showing up and it pulls random numbers every millisecond I think. There is two ways you can change how often it becomes visible.

  1. Change the range of random numbers it picks. Like instead of 0,50 you could do 0,500.
  2. The other option is change the window of true numbers. So if you left it at 0,50 and said >=10 instead of 25 then you reduced the chances of it appearing from 50% to 20%. Raising that number would be the opposite effect.

That’s great, thanks a lot :smiley:

for more realistic effect add an upper layer without thunder and give it a lower rand effects like I did with my face Halowin so thunder appear and desappear

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that’s a cool looking face, I always enjoy looking at the stuff you guys come up with.

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Great! Thanx

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