Here's My Third Haunted House For Halloween 2021

MAG 1528 is a little more abstract and toned down on movement. I’m using a moon with bats flying in front of it as a floating seconds hand. As with all the Halloween faces I’ve done for this year, this one also wishes you Happy Halloween on 31 October.

Just fixed it! I glitched the copy & paste of the URL.

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Looking good Rusty, where’s the flashing colon for the window though and maybe make the witch fly around a bit?

I dropped the flashing window in favor of a solid colon. I added a second hand of the moon with bats flying in front of it. Most of the time, if I have any kind of seconds display I don’t use a flashing colon. To me that seems kind of redundant.

UPDATE: I’ve added a silhouette of a witch in the lower window that appears and disappears every minute.