Hex Appeal - Watchface

I was having fun tinkering with an old idea and just played around with it to get the animation right.

Sorry for the flood of images, giving an idea of what it can look like.

Hex Appeal • Facer: the world’s largest watch face platform



Forgot to add a video for what it looks like when you toggle the animation off.

Basically, like the photos, with the hexes forming a flower. The power button turns off, green hexes stop rolling, blue hexes stop sliding, etc. Basically a lower power mode for those who don’t like a lot of animation.


Look pretty neat!
Nice work.

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nice colors, however nothing for my tired eyes.
Perhaps you make the font a little bit bigger?

Nice idea, but the fonts…I had the same problem - the fonts are simply too small for many people. The problem is that I never treated the font as part of the overall design . I like your hexagon design and animations - it looks great but it has forced you to use a small font. I decided to look at design ideas on Pinterest and started to get an idea of the font sizes used on real watches afterall they have been doing this for centuries, although I still get it wrong many times! A recent design had to be abandoned because a larger font size just didn’t look right or rather it did not fit. But as always - it’s your design and your watch and for you to get enjoyment!


Nice work :+1:

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