Hey all! Watch nerd here!

Hey everybody! I’m new enough around here that I never got around to writing my autobiography. I’ve always loved watches, but haven’t worn one for probably the last 10 years. Except now I’ve been diagnosed with diabetes and I need reminders to take my insulin.

So out of pity, I bought a TicWatch Pro from eBay. Not a bad watch. But at age 50, I’ve got 3 or 4 decades of tinkering with things. There’s a monstrous PC in pieces on my desk while I’m dogsitting this weekend. I went poking around various places and tried flashing it with an unofficial ROM. I must have skipped a step or something, because it ended up in a boot loop of just the TicWatch logo.

I sheepishly asked my wife for an advance on my allowance and went and got a Fossil Sport. I really liked that watch, but it just would not hold a Bluetooth connection to my Samsung phone. I tried everything I could find. But the thing just wouldn’t stay connected. It was just a fancy digital watch.

So I returned it, and now I’ve got a Samsung Galaxy watch to go with my Samsung Galaxy phone. I wish I’d done a little more research, because I think I’d rather have a WearOS watch than a Tizen watch. But its Bluetooth connection is rock-solid.

(For the record, I dug around enough watch hacking sites and finally revived the Ticwatch, so I do have a WearOS watch to fiddle with as well.)

As for me personally, I’m an ex-IT, ex-draftsman guy who’s now home all day. I’m still and IT junkie with more computing power and storage than any one human needs. I’ve got a backup server in the basement with 11TB of storage. My main PC has 7.5TB. And there’s also a normal 1TB laptop and a 500GB Macbook. This is what I do.

I guess I have to say it’s in the past now, since I haven’t participated in quite a while, but I’ve been a contributor and bugfixer for KDE. After using open-source software for years, it was nice to give back. I should check in with those guys. It’s been too long.

Anyway, I live in Chicago, which is the best city in the world. I still listen to old school punk and progressive rock. I can answer almost any trivia question about The Clash, and to a lesser degree, Queen.

I’ve rambled again, haven’t I? Oh well. Welcome to me.

-Dito (bundito)


Queen rocks! Welcome to the community!

Greetings from Germany to Chicago, GAUSS.

Welcome and thanks for sharing!


Welcome! You have all the background to build watches and enough storage to store years of creations! Glad you found this community, you will find it full of wonderful and great people!

Enjoy ~Sirhc