Hey Guys tell me what you think


Still got lots to do to finish this one just need some feed back press the center to see the crazy


This is cool.

Now, this is just my opinion, but because the animated stuff is so fancy looking, the digital part kinda doesn’t fit with it.

I would try possibly just showing the hands where you have the digital info. Then when you click, you reveal the inner workings. I might also swap the blue background for a shiny gold or silver.

Very cool though!

I sort of agree with Rator here. The workings are not seen as well as I would like. The yellow font in my opinion is not fitting on a white background, maybe change it to black or a darker color. It seems you worked hard on the back workings, so show it!

Cool Thanks Mate i love as much input as possible done this version with what you sugested tell me what you think


I think that looks great!

Pair that with the right watch body and you’ve got a winner.

I definitely like the 2nd version better.

Just my personal preference but I’d like to make the hands stand out a bit from the gears. Maybe an outline around the hands or making the hands a little more 3d. When the glass is closed the glass looks 3d but the hands look flat if that makes sense. When it’s open, the darker hands against the lighter background could work better as darker colors fade to the background and lighter colors pop out.

Love it mate. You cease to amaze me. Wish I had those skills. Maybe have the background colour theme able?

I notice that the red gemstone in the hands colour is affected by the moving glass. Maybe send the hands to front bro. I think I’d like that gems little brighter too. In fact if you did that gem and it’s setting as another image overlay you could apply a shadow to that too which would help 3D up the hands a bit.

Sorry I feel unqualified advising you but my tuppence worth :wink:

I don’t know if it’s only on my computer, but if you uncover the movement then let the watch go into dim mode, that entire watch goes black. Again, maybe it’s just me but I would be careful. Great movement.

Thanks mate i noramlly dont sort out the dim mode till im happy witht the main watch face and i am still not happy with his one. But thanks for pointing it out i will fix it before i publish.

i see you copied the main design from Antoine Preziuso tourbillon of tourbillons down to the hands, i would recommend you make it a bit more personal and then you have a winner … i think direct homage watches devalue your designs as it limits you creativity , and puts you watch face in the “knock off” category.