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So its little me again … If i have a 12 h setting with separate Numbers it shows me like 06:29 AM and it also shows the 06:29 PM . I was trying to make the 0 disappear and cant seem to get it together . or Just add a 1 and show that when i need is as first digit. hope this is understandable

On your tags you will need to use the #Db# tag for hours without the zero. For 24 only (with zero) you would use the #DHZ# tag for hours. You can then make it like this. 12 hour version no zero #Db#:#DmZ# or 24 hour version #DHZ#:#DmZ#. Doing it that way will show both at the same time so you will need to change the opacity box from 100 to $#DTIMEFORMAT#==24?100:0$ for the 24 hour version and $#DTIMEFORMAT#==12?100:0$ for the 12 hour version. It seems like a lot of work, but doing it this way the 12 hour people will be happy with no leading zero and the 24 hour people will be happy because it does have the leading zero.

I have inspection turned on so you can take a look inside this Halloween watch I just made and get an idea of how I do it. MAG 1527

Hope this helps you out


Ok on ur Watch it has one time … My Hours are two separate Digits as they each in different colors (MizzK - For SUSAQUE 12 H Format - watch face for Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S3, Huawei Watch, and more - Facer)

Hi Karin,

It would help if you turn on inspection mode, but you can check if the digit is 0 and then make it opacity 0 to hide it:
So something like this in opacity: $<whatever the code for the digit>==0?0:100$

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I did let me update it again

That did it … thank you :beers:

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Oh that’s an easy fix then. If you go to this watch face that I just made today it has all the time split into separate digits. I am using an opacity code to dim the 10 hour segment down to 25% so that it just shows a ghost image of the leading zero. You can turn it off or on easily using opacity. MAG 1530

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Uhhh i like that Face :wink:

Big thx again to u Guys :kissing_heart:

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It will publish about a week before Halloween. If you follow me, you will be notified of every face I publish. I normally publish one face a day. Some are simple and others go a little crazy. It just depends on the mood I’m in the day I make the watch face. :laughing:

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Been following you lol

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Oh great, thanks. :slight_smile: On top of all the other projects I am learning, now I find myself wanting to understand the variables and code. LOL There should be three of me.


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Welcome new guys, and well done to the others for jumping in to help so quick.

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