Hey! I got chosen for spotlight in the app!

Sorry if I’m bragging. I’m pretty new around here, and this face was my first serious attempt at using the designer (the others were just playing around).

I published it anyway, a few people picked it up, and then, after being live for a couple of weeks, I got notified that the “editors” had picked it to be featured in the “Big & Bold” category in the Facer app. Sure enough, it’s there.

I don’t know who to thank, but I’m humbled. I do some other non-professional design work (I sell an occasional t-shirt on RedBubble), so any time someone picks one of my works, it makes me more happy than you’d expect.

Here’s the face that was chosen:

(I like that the demo display says it’s 84 and snowy!)

The only major thing I did was go to DaFont.com and sift through their “LCD” category until I found a font that was different than Facer’s options, but still very legible. The yellow line is a subtle battery indicator. I chose not to label it for the sake of simplicity. The date and the weather are the only complications, again just for simplicity.

The bit in the description about my glasses is too damned true. I just turned 50 and, well, they say reading glasses are inevitable for almost everyone. I’ve needed them for 20 years. :slight_smile:

Anyway, thanks to whomever picked my watchface for inclusion. I know it’s nothing fancy, but I guess it works for people.




Congratulations on being featured - well deserved!



Congrats and well done! I’m glad to hear you’re having fun with the creator. That’s the main reason why we all do it. We love watches and it’s fun!

Congrats! Welcome to the addiction and great community! Great job

Enjoy ~Sirhc