Hey newbie here. :)

Hi friends.

I bought my first smartwatch the other day, Huawei Watch 2. Very impressed, but even more so by how versatile Facer is!! Wow, love it.

So much so, that I’ve already created a handful of watch faces, mainly for my own pleasure and enjoyment, but thought I’d use them to introduce myself.

What do you think?

Hi Tony, welcome to this vice hehe
Just a tip for start: when in the publish screen you have a round watch and a square watch by default to show your design, but you can change that skin in the options below each watch.

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Ha ha, I actually think you’re not very far from the truth. I’ve been going through years of images looking for things that might work in this format. (I’m avoiding the nudes, I read the T & C’s and they are frowned upon) which is a shame.

Thanks for the welcome, :slight_smile:

Ups, I updated the last post and you answer so quick… Just a tip to improve your design personal page… Greetings

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Hello and welcome! Very interesting take on the VW logo haha.

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