HH-360B v2.5P - Private Tribute

So, the whole reason I joined Facer in the first place was to create my dream watch face, my dream watch face being an actual real physical watch I saw one day in a store and simply fell in love with it immediately, first sight. However, 900 euros for a watch that mostly just tells the time is way too rich for my hide (mind you, I’m not above buying something like this, or even more expensive, but I simply don’t have the pocket change to go for it, probably never will :stuck_out_tongue:).

After more than a month, probably closer to 2 of hard work on this (and a copyright take-down the minute I posted my very first rendition x_x which almost gave me a heart attack [thank you Facer for taking pity on me :P]), I think I’m finally done with my tribute! However, I don’t think I’m ever going to be posting an actual working/downloadable version because if Facer or the Swatch Group decided to take it away from me for good… I don’t know that my heart would survive that lol :confused:

Instead, here is a GIF showcasing most of the features, as well as a list just so there’s no confusion over what’s happening (which is quite a bit :P)

Again, very sorry I’m not able to share this with the world, but I am waiting on a reply from the Swatch Group (although I’m not actually expecting them to reply to be honest :frowning:) to see if I can get permission to post it. Until then, I don’t even want to mention the actual Brand of the original watch for fear someone may take it/my account down >_<

All of that said, enjoy the “art”, I suppose :P!

Bear with me, it may take a bit to load the entire gif.
Also you may want to open the gif in a new, black-background window to fully appreciate the detail. It’s a dark watch face because the Active 2 watch is insanely bright.

Feature list:

  • Day of the week window up top.
  • Shortcut access to your calendar by tapping on the day of the week window.
  • Tapping the Day of the week window now smoothly “rotates” the week day/month dials to display the current Month and vice versa, a toggle that persists through AOD.
  • Date at the bottom (showing yesterday, today and tomorrow’s date complete with accommodation for leap years).
  • 3 different types of “Nudge Mode”, which make the time needles fly around the watch face to get out of the way temporarily in case they are blocking the view of an element. 1st mode makes the needles take a shallow V form. 2nd mode makes them cycle around. 3rd mode is the same cycle as the 2nd, except it’s triggered on screen Wake, rather than a tap of a button.
  • Sleeping mode, turning the entire watch face into a big digital time form for when the watch is presumably charging on your nightstand at night, and you wake up in the middle of it groggily wanting to know the time :stuck_out_tongue:
  • Phone and Watch battery indicators in the top left and right corners respectively, with appropriate icons to the left and right of the center of the watch face that will dimly flash red when either/or battery meter dips below 20%.
  • Weather icon showing the current weather condition and temperature. Able to tap it to fade the temperature out and smoothly accommodate the weather icon.
  • Day & Night needle behind the normal time needles. The moon icon doubles-down as a display of the moon phase.
  • Digital time below the center that can be read in either 12h or 24h format based on your phone settings.
  • Chronograph mode tapping the triangle at the very top, where the needles smoothly fly to 12 o’clock, and the Stop and Play/Pause chronometer buttons light on to the left and right sides of the watch face
  • The chronograph can work independently from the time, which means you can start it, then come out of this mode and have the needles point at the time, all the while the digital clock below the center continues to show the chronometer time. When going back into chronograph mode, the needles smoothly fly to 12 o’clock, and then back to where they should be telling the chronometer time.
  • AOD Mode. The whole watch face turns into “glow in the dark” mode, where every important bit glows brightly green, and some elements are slightly adjusted for better visibility, such as the green glowy bits of the time needles turning slightly transparent, since “Nudge Mode” won’t work when the screen is “off”.
  • Lastly, clicking the center of the watch face opens up the Color Picker, allowing you to change every element currently shown in Red to any color you wish, including the millisecond tick marks that start appearing as the chronograph needles move forward.

HH-360B v2.2F - Free Version:

  • There is also a “free” version that doesn’t have any “tap” features, it is simply the watch face with anything and everything that doesn’t require touch (the temperature for instance shows by default), so no chronograph, no color picker, no nudge modes, etc, but for the most part the whole watch face is there!

Tapping the Day of the week window now smoothly “rotates” the week day/month dials to display the current Month and vice versa, a toggle that persists through AOD. I say “rotates” because there aren’t any actual dials/circular images to speak of, each day and month is it’s own image, so some opacity and positioning trickery had to be implemented :stuck_out_tongue:


New little update:
A little animation On Wake to the date number dials at the bottom (same update for the Free version):


Despite it being based on a real watch, not a single element was taken from photos, but rather custom made/drawn by me on Gimp.

Huge shout out to @mikeoday for his knowledge and patience, giving me several hands to work out how to make the needles move the way they do!

Plea Note!: If anyone has the ability to actually get in touch with the Swatch Group reliably (e-mails don’t seem to be working out) and is willing to give me a hand, I would love to get in touch with them either personally, or via a third party to get permission to publish this!


Very nice. :clap:
It is obvious that you put a lot of work and thought into this.
Best of luck getting the face published!

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Thank you :v: Yeah I’m not holding my breath on hearing from the Swatch Group, but you never know :roll_eyes:

You’ve got talent. You should start getting creative and create some unique pieces instead of copying ones you like. They WILL get taken down, and you might get banned. It’s not worth the hassle and you have the ability to create unique work, so you should. Plus it sucks when you put all that time into something only to have it get deleted. Good luck!

@Rator – Thanks for the kind words :slight_smile:
The thing is though, learning how to do something, be it good or bad doesn’t mean you have the creativity to do good original work :stuck_out_tongue: I have made a few faces of my own with the things I like the most, including the hybrid hand movements, however I always circle back to this one, the one that made me join Facer in the first place because I had to have it :stuck_out_tongue:

Ultimately if I don’t get a reply from the Swatch Group with permission, I’ll just continue to use it myself, privately, which is at the end of the day what I wanted anyway :stuck_out_tongue: I would absolutely love to be able to share this with anyone and everyone, but I can deal xD

Cool, good luck!

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Just finished the last and probably final update. It bugged me that the only thing missing from the watch face for my liking was the current Month, so now when tapping the Day of the Week window, instead of it being a shortcut to an app, it will smoothly “rotate” the day of the week dial out, and rotate the month dial in, and vice versa!

This was particularly tricky to do given the fact I’m not actually using dials/circular images for the days and months lol, so trickery involving positioning and fading transitions had to be implemented.



Look like a very nice and great job you done here !
Very impressive all the features/interactions you propose in this watchface.
Congrats for the hard works and good luck with the permission.

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Thank you :v:!

New little update:
A little animation On Wake to the date number dials at the bottom:


The problem / advantage ?? with not publishing is that it is never finished, so you keep on tweaking… :wink:

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I’m having fun doing it :stuck_out_tongue: My main issue is what to add or modify without ruining the aesthetic, or tanking the performance. That aside I can think of a thousand little things I could add or modify xD mostly visuals, but… I may be done now… don’t know xD

I would buy that watch face, beautiful design, very functional

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The “look” and perhaps name of this specific face might be subject to copyright, but surely most of the smart functionality you have put into it is not.

Will it not be possible to reuse some/most of it on a different looking face that you can publish?
It won’t be your dream face, but others might not care about that :slightly_smiling_face:

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@eugenew – Thank you :v:!

@mountain_lion – I’m not really an expert in the copyright subject to ascertain exactly which elements I could remove for it to no longer be a copyright issue :stuck_out_tongue: although furthermore, at this point even if I could do that, I would know, and I just wouldn’t feel happy about it unless I have permission from either the actual brand that designed this, or the corporation that owns that brand.

Anyway, here’s the actual, original watch, seeing how I’m probably not ever gonna get permission xD:

Original beauty:

My humble tribute:
Adjusted the proportions slightly to add more real-estate around the center for more elements, and had to touch up some colors, namely make things a lot darker because the Active 2 watch is insanely bright, and anything short of pitch black looks light gray xD it’s crazy. That said, with the white background from these forums and the dark watch face it is hard to see some of the elements, namely most of the tappable buttons that, unless they are active in some way, they remain “darkened” to stay out of the user’s way, and the phone/watch <20% indicators.

You have done a great job and much of the effort has gone into features that the actual watch does not even have…

Seems like a waste not being able to share with the world.
I would pay for the functionality that you have described, even if it is on a vastly different looking face. :smiley:
Perhaps I should see what functionality I can copy from your descriptions :japanese_ogre:
However, my graphics will not even come close to anything you have; I am a function over form guy…

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Thanks :slight_smile: And hell I’d be glad to help you out lol.
As for not being able to share it… we’ll see. I do know that these big fancy watch brands take their sweet time to respond to e-mails so, while my soul dies a bit every day, I’m still kinda hopeful for a reply :stuck_out_tongue: it hasn’t been that long yet. We’ll see :v:

I might take you up on that offer some day…
At present work is interfering with my Facer play time :slightly_frowning_face:

Oh, for the glaring default white of this forum (and many other websites), there is
https://darkreader.org/ (if you use Firefox, Chrome or Safari as browser).

Easy to toggle on/off and It is configurable so you can in/exclude URLs from dark mode as required.

Ah thanks, you reminded me that I can just make my own “dark theme” the way another user and I turned the creator into Dark Mode as well lol. I just added some basics into a CSS script on Stylus (for Opera, my web browser). I’ll leave the CSS below in case you want it :v:

Edit: went ahead and created a brand new topic just for this, 'cause the length of the CSS sheet started getting out of hand xD Link below :v: