HH-360B v2.5P - Private Tribute

@Rator – Thanks for the kind words :slight_smile:
The thing is though, learning how to do something, be it good or bad doesn’t mean you have the creativity to do good original work :stuck_out_tongue: I have made a few faces of my own with the things I like the most, including the hybrid hand movements, however I always circle back to this one, the one that made me join Facer in the first place because I had to have it :stuck_out_tongue:

Ultimately if I don’t get a reply from the Swatch Group with permission, I’ll just continue to use it myself, privately, which is at the end of the day what I wanted anyway :stuck_out_tongue: I would absolutely love to be able to share this with anyone and everyone, but I can deal xD

Cool, good luck!

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Just finished the last and probably final update. It bugged me that the only thing missing from the watch face for my liking was the current Month, so now when tapping the Day of the Week window, instead of it being a shortcut to an app, it will smoothly “rotate” the day of the week dial out, and rotate the month dial in, and vice versa!

This was particularly tricky to do given the fact I’m not actually using dials/circular images for the days and months lol, so trickery involving positioning and fading transitions had to be implemented.



Look like a very nice and great job you done here !
Very impressive all the features/interactions you propose in this watchface.
Congrats for the hard works and good luck with the permission.

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Thank you :v:!

New little update:
A little animation On Wake to the date number dials at the bottom:


The problem / advantage ?? with not publishing is that it is never finished, so you keep on tweaking… :wink:

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I’m having fun doing it :stuck_out_tongue: My main issue is what to add or modify without ruining the aesthetic, or tanking the performance. That aside I can think of a thousand little things I could add or modify xD mostly visuals, but… I may be done now… don’t know xD

I would buy that watch face, beautiful design, very functional

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The “look” and perhaps name of this specific face might be subject to copyright, but surely most of the smart functionality you have put into it is not.

Will it not be possible to reuse some/most of it on a different looking face that you can publish?
It won’t be your dream face, but others might not care about that :slightly_smiling_face:

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@eugenew – Thank you :v:!

@mountain_lion – I’m not really an expert in the copyright subject to ascertain exactly which elements I could remove for it to no longer be a copyright issue :stuck_out_tongue: although furthermore, at this point even if I could do that, I would know, and I just wouldn’t feel happy about it unless I have permission from either the actual brand that designed this, or the corporation that owns that brand.

Anyway, here’s the actual, original watch, seeing how I’m probably not ever gonna get permission xD:

Original beauty:

My humble tribute:
Adjusted the proportions slightly to add more real-estate around the center for more elements, and had to touch up some colors, namely make things a lot darker because the Active 2 watch is insanely bright, and anything short of pitch black looks light gray xD it’s crazy. That said, with the white background from these forums and the dark watch face it is hard to see some of the elements, namely most of the tappable buttons that, unless they are active in some way, they remain “darkened” to stay out of the user’s way, and the phone/watch <20% indicators.

You have done a great job and much of the effort has gone into features that the actual watch does not even have…

Seems like a waste not being able to share with the world.
I would pay for the functionality that you have described, even if it is on a vastly different looking face. :smiley:
Perhaps I should see what functionality I can copy from your descriptions :japanese_ogre:
However, my graphics will not even come close to anything you have; I am a function over form guy…

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Thanks :slight_smile: And hell I’d be glad to help you out lol.
As for not being able to share it… we’ll see. I do know that these big fancy watch brands take their sweet time to respond to e-mails so, while my soul dies a bit every day, I’m still kinda hopeful for a reply :stuck_out_tongue: it hasn’t been that long yet. We’ll see :v:

I might take you up on that offer some day…
At present work is interfering with my Facer play time :slightly_frowning_face:

Oh, for the glaring default white of this forum (and many other websites), there is
https://darkreader.org/ (if you use Firefox, Chrome or Safari as browser).

Easy to toggle on/off and It is configurable so you can in/exclude URLs from dark mode as required.

Ah thanks, you reminded me that I can just make my own “dark theme” the way another user and I turned the creator into Dark Mode as well lol. I just added some basics into a CSS script on Stylus (for Opera, my web browser). I’ll leave the CSS below in case you want it :v:

Edit: went ahead and created a brand new topic just for this, 'cause the length of the CSS sheet started getting out of hand xD Link below :v:

I know you like that watch, but you cannot remake someone else’s work. And you won’t get acceptance from Hamilton or Facer either. Unless you’ve struck a deal where Hamilton allows you to remake THEIR watches in a smartwatch capacity, and you have a contract and inform Facer of it.

There is no amount of change you could make to that face to make it ok to publish without having it look like a completely different watch. You need to change roughly 75% of a design for it to not be considered copyright infringement.

As I said before, I hate to see someone with obvious skills doing knockoffs. Come up with a concept or theme, get out a sketch pad and pencil and get started making your OWN unique work and maybe you’ll find that people like YOUR work as much as you like that Hamilton.

Good luck my friend!


I still have some hope until I get an official word from them :stuck_out_tongue:

That said, it’s as I said as well, it’s not like I haven’t made any other watch faces, I have a few that are done and published, but at the end of the day I look at them and I just don’t like them lol. Joined to re-create this one, didn’t even think I would make any more even, but I did give it a nice college try to make original ones but they simply don’t stick, not even I can bear to wear them xD despite some of them having taken similar amounts of work to this one :stuck_out_tongue:

Of course the other way to look at things is that making this face was a great exercise. I can now open the creator and pretty much create anything that comes to mind without the need for so much help, however the problem is I can’t really come up with anything original that I actually like :confused: One day maybe. I fell so hard in love with this watch face anything I come up with is in constant battle with it xD and if it’s not better (aka doesn’t make me want to wear it over this one), then it’s just not good enough. It’s a tough spot to be in when you love something so much :stuck_out_tongue:

All of that said, I think that last update was the final one to this face. Can’t think of anything else I want to see on it that would make sense (and wouldn’t drag my watch’s performance down to a crawl :P) so now just gotta wait. If I can publish it, great! If not, I got exactly what I wanted anyway and, who knows, maybe once I’m not so focused on this, a new one may pop into my head :slight_smile:

Don’t give up on yourself. If you know what you like, you can make it! Pick a font and a color theme and go!

Great looking watch and amazing functionality! Hope you get to go public with it.

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