Hi Everyone, Cliff from the USA here

I just joined the Facer community today after having recently purchasing a Gear S3 Frontier. I have been dabbling in watch face design for a few weeks now using GWD. In a previous life, I designed several highly popular interfaces for various media players, so I have a fairly solid understanding of UI design. I have already applied that knowledge to a couple of personal watch faces I created recently. I am super excited to be here and hope to gain lots of knowledge and insight into designing not only for Gear and Galaxy watches, but for Android and Apple as well.

After viewing so many thousands of designs available, I am not sure what I can bring to the table. My plan is to offer unique products that are functional and useful, as well as strikingly attractive. Let’s see if I am up to the task!


Welcome @ircrotale! Sounds like you will do well here and have a good skill base. There are plenty of knowledgable and helpful people here so just ask if ever have a question or need any help. A focus on UI could be really nice for watch face designs.

Sincerely Sirius Designs

Welcome Cliff and glad to have you here. Like @Orion said if you need anything please ask. We love helping and are looking forward to seeing what you create. Make sure to come back here and share your designs!

Welcome @ircrotale, I have been here for two months and the guys on the forums ( as you can see above ) are always very friendly and helpful. I look forward to seeing your designs.

Welcome and enjoy your new addiction! You bring your art and styles, I am sure you will enjoy the great people!


Thanks for the warm welcome! I have been quite busy churning out new ideas. As the perfectionist I strive to be (not there yet) I am slow to publish what I feel are finalized works. One so far!

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