Hi everyone. I'm Cyberpunk

Hi everyone. I’m Cyberpunk. I’ve been doing watch faces on this platform for about two years.

Below is my most popular watch face.


Welcome on the forums!
You have some nice watch faces

…Well…This is awkward…

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What do you mean?

His name is also Cyberpunk :wink:

The real Cyberpunk is a Creator Partner, see the official interview with him on the homepage.

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I’ve been using the Cyberpunk name since 1993 online. It’s my Xbox gamer-tag. My online name in various gamer forums. My Steam gamer-tag, and more. I had a small computer repair business in the late nineties called Cyberpunk Computing. So sorry to the Partner. I can’t really see a way around this, but I’m not imitating. And I’d really hate to give up on a name I’ve been using for quite some time.

Not my call nore my problem, I’m sure Facer management will resolve it.

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I would advise to not use the trademarked brands like Casio and Star Trek though.

I’m surprised that the software would allow duplicate usernames. Just my opinion, but I’d say keep the name on the game sites because they have no connection with Facer, and find a new one for watch faces. That would be the courteous thing to do, considering that the person with the same name is a Partner and has been here the longest.

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Just to update, I’ve changed the name on here to C-P. I think it’ll be easier in the long run.

Apologies to the Cyberpunk. The other one that is.