Hi everyone, new to facer

Hi everyone, new to facer and also the smartwatch game.

Need abit if advice really. I have never had a smartwatch before, and it’s a minefield of options trying to find a suitable watch.

I’m not really interested in the health tracking side of a smartwatch, just looking for a no frills watch that I can change the face regularly and just receive notifications from my phone.

Any suggestions of suitable watches.


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A very warm welcome @christopherbradshaw8!

There are so many different watches out there it hard to recommend really without knowing your priorities …

I went with a Samsung Galaxy watch because I liked the look, build quality, performance and battery life. At the time it was #1 in most Top 10 lists of smartwatches that did not include the ( ugly square ) Apple watch :slight_smile:

I think the Samsung watches still feature highly in these kinds of lists.

Other than that, and only based on the issues one sees people reporting in the forum, I would recommend that you stay clear of the really cheap models and make sure that whatever watch you do get that it is compatible with Facer. The current range of Samsung watches are, as are most current model Wear OS based watches I understand.


Welcome @christopherbradshaw8

I had similar requirements. I wanted a nice watch, not a sports model. There are always things that one watch has and the other doesn’t (and vise versa).
In the end I ended up with the Fossil Carlyle (gen 5). So far I’m happy with it.

Thanks for the reply. I have been looking at the fossil lineup. The gen 5 is way out of my price point.

The gen 4 is more reasonably priced, but reviews say battery life is terrible (but I think is a wear os problem whatever make of watch you buy)

I do like the fossil lineup as they are the most watch like design

Thanks for the reply. I have just purchased the S20 so have been looking at the galaxy watch. I’m just uncertain whether spending £200+ on a smartwatch for what I want it to do is worth it

Welcome @christopherbradshaw8. You will have so much fun here! People are always very helpful.
Everybody is different so you will probably get a zillion replies here, but it’s kind of cool to know what type of watch everyone has and why. I have a Fossil Venture Gen 4. I researched battery life and everything else before buying but I wanted something stylish and have had problems with Samsung products (not watches) in the past so I decided to stay away from them. Fossil battery life isn’t bad. but it’s not fantastic. For me I wanted something that could be used for sport or dress. One thing I recently learned about Fossil is that their warranty customer support is absolutely fantastic. When my watch broke after 18 months, they replaced it quickly in spite of their working with fewer employees during COVID. I was absolutely amazed at their support and efficiency! I’m curious how the new Moto 360 Gen 3 is doing for people who have recently purchased those. They are expensive, but are supposed to have really good battery life. I loved my Gen 2 Moto, but when the battery died after almost 3 years, I had to get a new watch. By that time Motorola had already made arrangements for manufacturing the next version.

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This guy compares the Fossil and the Moto (and a Skagen Falster), seems the Fossilg/Skagen come out on top: