Hi from Ontario and a Question

Hi. I’m DigbyTheDog.AR from Ontario, Canada. I came across Facer a while ago but only discovered the Forum and Creator recently.
I have made two watch faces so far, one of which I have published.
I cannot publish the second one because the logo I used doesn’t belong to me, but to the Scouting organization I am a member of. We have permission to use the logo for our own. I am pretty sure the public publishing of the watch face with this logo would not be allowed by both Facer and the organization it belongs to. So my question is this…can I save the watch face to my own private collection so that it is easily found by me on the Android App?

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Welcome to the Community Digby, there’s lots of helpful people here, most more able to answer your question better than me. As far as I’m aware, only Published Faces show on the App, but you can save anything you’re creating on the Facer Creator as a Draft like this -

Then it is saved as a Draft on your Creator profile like this -

Hope this helps you…happy creating :grinning:

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Thanks @icrltd4 I have done that. I do wish there was a way to put it in the Android App. Do you know if there is a way to share it privately with any members who may want it? Also, is it ok if I post it in the forum to get feedback?

Nice to meet you @digbythedog.ar

Well as my friend Gizmo wrote, this is a way to save and have your own designs, without publishing them.
As for the question, if you can use the logo of your company where you work …
It sounds like you need to get help from @Facer_Official on that one, you can contact them at: Submit a request – How can we help? or email them at: facer-support@little-labs.com
I hope we were able to help you with your questions
Cordially JDCardozo

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I just went into the Android app and now all my drafts (and published) designs are in the My Designs tab. I swear they weren’t there before.

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I answered your question on your My 1st Watchface post Digby ok

If you want to use it just write the scouting organization and ask permission to use the logo. Make sure you explain that it will not be used disrespectfully and the watch face will not be for profit. You might be surprised that the give you permission. I am a ham radio operator and belong to the ARRL (American Radio Relay League) and we have permission as a member to use their logo so long as we are promoting the ARRL and not using it in a negative way. If they do give you permission to use their logo make sure that permission is in writing and when you publish the watch face make sure you put in the description that the logo is the property of the organization and is used with permission. That way your bases are covered.


hi @digbythedog.ar If you save any face as an unpublished draft you will still find it in your own watchbox in the android app under “designs” . It is not possible to share unpublished drafts with anyone else though. You can however post a draft to the forums, everyone here will be able to see the “live” preview of your face, but not sync it.

As far as the logo, you’ll have to use your own discretion. If you have permission from the owner of the logo to use it, perhaps it’s ok to use it in a published face on Facer. Unless the copyright owner complains to Facer it’s not going to be on their radar to be honest. I’m not suggesting you knowingly violate the wishes of the copyright holder, I’m just saying use your best discretion. If you have doubts then ask them.