Hi guys this is my latest design

This has taken a long time to put together tell me what you think please

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I love the deep 3d shading and the overall design. Not sure about the colour of the hands though.


i agree but havent found any hands i like yet any suggestions as your the watch hand expert mike?

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Mmm, not so much the shape of the hands - rather I’m just not sure about the colour. But that’s just my taste - don’t put to much store in that, I’m very conservative ( read, old and set in my ways ) :slight_smile:

Great job @dazstacey, I also love the 3d effects and background; hoever I agree with @mikeoday; hands color is off, and I would suggest to make the small red hands bigger

hopefully i have resolved both problems let me know and thank you for your input its great to hear other peoples ideas

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Looking great!