Hi, I am darkphoto!

Hi. I’m Adam from Turkey and using Apple Watch. I have some NFTs on metaverse and now wanted to share them as a watchface.

Thx for your support.


Hi @darkphoto
Welcome to this community. You’ll find lots of information and help here. I see you already have quite a collection of watch faces. I am not too familiar with Apple Watches, and do not know my way around when it comes to moving away from the Creator templates.

Like your MV #128P, the time and date are in the center and the picture is in front of the time. No clue how you do that. Would be interesting to understand that.

Anyhow, my Apple Watch faces seem to have some success if you are interested…
And if you want to test something on WearOS, do reach out, happy to help.


Hello Darkphoto, Welcome glad u are here. As tom has said above its a great place to hang with like minded people. Question are always taking care so just ask. Again glad u are here…


Thx. MV #128P is a portrait watchface. Its not possible to design this type of watchface on facer creator tool for now. (I hope they will add on next update)

U can create portrait watchfaces on official iphone watch app or other third party watchface app.

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