Hi, I am EdinBearDragon

Hello all!

I’ve been playing with Facer now for about 8 months now and I’m really enjoying it. I had a medical scare which has left me unable to work my career, so turning to design has been great for me.

I’ve got over 200 designs published, and seem to have a reputation now for colourful faces based on the Pixel design language, which I love doing. The ‘EBD - Pixel Colours #24’ is the most popular so far.

However, I also liker trying other design styles - I really like this for example ‘EBD - Art Deco (Wood)’:

I started with the Pixel Watch, and as I got more into designing I got a larger Galaxy Watch 4 (Amazon Renew - great deal) to test on a larger face.

Anyway, time for me to get involved in the forums… so once again, Hello!



Hi there. Welcome to this community.

I have seen your work in the charts! One on position 2! Great work.


Welcome to the community! Your EBD - Art Deco (Wood) looks like a blending of Art Deco and Native American styles. Very impressive!


Hello and Welcome EdinBearDragon. Glad u are here. Love what im seeing.


Hello. Welcome to your community. This design is like ancient beautiful designs. :boom:

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Hi, EdinBearDragon and welcome. I’m very much a baby designer so here’s where I come for answers to dumb questions.


There are no Dumb Questions. Sometimes there are Dumb Answers. When I started I sent an Email to Little Labs to ask how to make the seconds hand tick as opposed to being smooth. I got my answer from Louis Cartier. :joy::blush:

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